Irina Pasko - Real Estate Broker


Jet Your Estate Realty Team

Fluent in English, Russian, and Ukranian Irina began her journey in real estate after being told by several that she was a natural to sales. Irina graduated from Everest college in Administrative Billing. Irina has had experience in the billing field as well as experience in the sales field. Alongside Irina’s work experience, Irina has done multiple hours of volunteer work for our community. Juggling her work and volunteer time, Irina has developed a strong skill set in time management. 

During Irina’s sales career, she worked in wheelchair sales in which she processed and sold many wheelchairs. In her short period of time at the company, she was at the top with her sales. The owners were truly amazed with her work. Her joy came from seeing her clients impressed with the amount of work she accomplished in the short amount of time. From getting insurance approval or private organization approval, to ordering the correct parts, leading her technicians to assemble the wheelchair and deliver the product. Irina’s ability to ensure the best service to her customers from start to finish is what set her apart from the others. 

Irina was born in SE Portland and has always remained in the Northwest since she admires all it has to offer. She also speaks three languages; Russian, Ukrainian and English. Irina provides her services to variety of customers. Licensed Broker in Oregon and Washington, Irina helps buyers and sellers accomplish their goals. 

Я говорю по-русски! 

Я розмовляю по-українськи!