Josh Thomas - Real Estate Broker


Jet Your Estate Realty Team

3rd Generation Of The Handris Family Josh is a licensed Real Estate Broker who serves clients in Washington and Oregon, with over 11 years in the business and backed by over 49 years of real estate knowledge. Josh attained his real estate license in high school at the age of 18 and jumped into the business headfirst. Working for The Handris Realty Company and joining his family business. Josh has attained knowledge of the business by learning from his Grandparents Ed and Teresa Handris (the founders of Handris Realty Co.) who have over 49 years of Real Estate experience. 

Alongside his real estate experience, Josh has received his Bachelor's degree at Washington State University Vancouver with a major in Digital Technology and Culture and a Minor in Business Administration. With his degree, Josh has acquired knowledge of the digital world and combines that knowledge with the business environment. Josh has specialized in social media and digital marketing. Having advanced knowledge in marketing and business furthermore helps his experience and skillset in the real estate market. Josh's experience helps show professionalism in his real estate career. Josh employs commitment and hard work until his clients are fully satisfied and the job is complete.

Josh prides himself on his customer service and building an everlasting relationship with his clients. Installing constant communication and educating them throughout the real estate process. Josh puts his clients first and represents their best interests from start to finish. Real Estate is a passion for Josh and he believes in helping all his clients reach their goals. Treating them not as another transaction, but another relationship built. Helping them in the next chapter in their lives.