Mario Bustamante - Real Estate Broker


Jet Your Estate Realty Team

Mario has had the distinct honor of serving individuals from an early age. Mario has been in the construction industry since his early teenage years and has always liked the challenge of transformation in both the spiritual and physical worlds. 

Starting with people's homes, his heart has been to help make his client's dreams come true when it comes to their vision of their perfect home. With this privilege, he has been able to mentor many individuals to do the same within the construction industry. 

With Mario’s construction background, he has now shifted to a new phase in his life. His focus being to provide people with the opportunity to purchase and start to build their own equity in homeownership as well as to guide existing homeowners to maximize their home values by evaluating conditions and potential changes that make sense. Mario’s expertise in the construction field is now an advantage in his real estate career, as he is available to help homeowners, as well as new homebuyers, create real estate investments with knowledge and confidence.